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The Proactive Education School Governance, Learner Protection and Academic Disorder App at only R100.00

(licenses are issued to the school and not the staff, should a staff member leave the license will be reissued to a new staff member)


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We at the Proactive Education Group are thrilled to introduce our schools to a world first. Our new Online App using market leading international  software applications, will enable you as our client, to have instant access, in real time, to documents, templates, emergency protocols and procedures, reporting forms, reporting requirements and a host of information when dealing with barriers to learning in the classroom.

Most schools operate a manual filing system when it comes to their Codes of Conduct, disciplinary procedures, emergency protocol and procedures etc. When an emergency happens, information cannot be found, files have been stolen, protocols are locked in the office, vital information about the search for drugs and testing is not available on school tour, HERE IS THE SOLUTION.

Our instant app

  • Is available 24 hrs a day, after hours and even during school holidays
  • Cannot be stolen or removed from the school office
  • Does not take space on mobile phones and is largely device independent.
  • Needs a 3G , wireless or LAN connection and is developed with ease of access in mind.
  • Registered users can log into the app from anywhere in the world and from any device with an internet connection.
  • The app provides ease of access to important information, making it possible to reach critical information quickly, even on small devices.
  • Documents can be printed straight from the app as long as the user has got printing enabled for the device (your IT support will easily set this up for you).
  • Changes to important information contained in the app can be rapidly changed as required and users will always have the most up to date information at their fingertips.

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Platinum Schools’ legal Package

Recently the sexual abuse of children at South African schools has captured the countries imagination in a way that very few other issues have. The South African council for educators (SACE) says that the number of physical and sexual assault cases perpetrated by educators on learners, has risen at an alarming rate!
With reported cases of sexual assault at schools at an all-time high and principals facing dismissal for not having the right management systems and basic rules and regulations that are understood and adhered to by all, and which are applied consistently.
Can you afford not to be a Proactive Platinum Legal member and have the Rape Wise/Proactive legal team at your disposal?

Download the full brochure here


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